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Popularity of a Mini Facelift

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We can’t completely stop the signs of aging, but we can turn the clock back a few years. A facelift can take away the effects of aging by smoothing out the deep wrinkles and creases of your face. The degree of change you are looking for determines the extent of your facelift procedure and can include a lift for your neck, eyes, and forehead as well. The first step is finding an experienced, board certified surgeon to get the best results possible with your plastic surgery. People with only a mild degree of sagging around their jaws are good candidates for what is referred to as a mini facelift.

The Mini Facelift

A mini facelift is gaining popularity for those who have minimal repair needed to look younger. This procedure targets the sagging skin around the jowls, cheeks, and neck. The mini facelift offers a shorter surgery that is less invasive with a faster recovery time than the traditional facelift. The cost is also less than a full facelift. Patients also need to be aware that the results are not as long-lasting.

The Standard Facelift

Patients in Lubbock with significant facial sagging in their mid-face, jowls, and neck will probably not be satisfied with the result of just a mini facelift. A standard facelift can include repairing the signs of aging on the forehead, eyes, and cheeks. This procedure has a much longer lasting result than a mini facelift. It also is more invasive with a longer recovery time.

Making the Most of Your Facelift

The results of your surgery can give you that satisfaction when you look in the mirror and see a younger looking face peering back. The spring in your step will reflect the new confidence you feel in your appearance. The extent of your facelift will determine how long the effects will last. Some general suggestions will help you keep your younger look as long as possible.

  • Live a healthy lifestyle— always helps you feel and look better.
  • Avoid smoking— before and after surgery.
  • Keep your weight steady— weight changes can affect your face.
  • Be careful with sun exposure— especially in the weeks right after surgery.
  • Smile as much as you can— makes you feel better and look younger.

Whenever you are considering a plastic surgery procedure, you should always consult with your board certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Jane Rowley will talk with you explaining your procedure thoroughly and the options available that will best meet your expectations. Rowley Plastic Surgery is where Lubbock patients come to experience caring plastic surgery. Schedule your no-obligation consultation today to learn if a traditional or mini facelift is right for you.

Otoplasty: Plastic Surgery with Benefits for Younger Patients

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When it comes to plastic surgery, we don’t think about children coming into to see the surgeon for breast implants or a tummy tuck. But, plastic surgery can benefit children and youth in ways that some of us take for granted. How you look in the mirror is important to youth. Growing up isn’t easy, especially when you have a noticeable physical feature that makes you an easy target for teasing or ridicule. Otoplasty is plastic surgery for ears that corrects various cosmetic problems like ears that stick out, are too big, or too small.

What can Otoplasty do for Lubbock Youth?

Ears that are too large or that stick out are easy targets for teasing with names like “Dumbo” or “Mickey Mouse.” A certified surgeon can remove the necessary excess skin and cartilage to reshape or pin ears to a better position. Children can be born with ear deformities or have damage due to accidents. Otoplasty surgery can correct too large, too small, folded, cupped, or cauliflower ears.

Is the Procedure Safe?  

Otoplasty is one of the safest surgical procedures. Patients need to follow post-surgery instructions to minimize the possibility of infection. There will be a thin scar behind the ear that is not noticeable as it is usually in the natural crease of the ear. The result is seen immediately.
The true benefits of otoplasty come when you see the smiles of the satisfied patients. Children experience an increase in their confidence when they don’t have to worry about being teased by their peers. Parents experience satisfaction when their child is not the target of ridicule. Parents can learn from their doctor how their child’s ears will look after surgery. Dr. Jane Rowley is the leading board-certified plastic surgeon in Lubbock who cares about her patients and carefully consults with patients. Schedule your no-obligation consultation today and learn more about your plastic surgery possibilities.

Do You Need a Breast Lift or Breast Implants or Both?

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Breast procedures are some of the most requested plastic surgery options. Women want to feel good about how they look. And, when you feel confidence in your appearance, you can have feel confidence in you. Breast plastic surgery isn’t just to give you a bigger bust size. Women who have genetically smaller breast, experience extreme asymmetry between their breasts, or feel breast sagginess after pregnancy, nursing, or aging have plastic surgery options to give them a more shapely breast appearance.

What About a Breast Lift?

A breast lift will take a sagging breast and raise it to a more youthful position. Your breast lift will not change size but will firm up the breast tissue, reposition the nipple and give your breast a symmetrical shape. If you are happy with the size of your breast and just are looking to reverse the sagging effect that age and pregnancy can have on your breasts, a lift may be the surgery you are looking for.

What About Breast Augmentation?

Whether you were born with smaller breasts or lose tissue volume with age, pregnancy, or nursing, you can enhance the size of your breasts with implants. A breast augmentation gives Lubbock women the opportunity to change the size and shape of their breasts with either saline or silicone filled implants. Implants come in many different options. Consult with your board certified surgeon about your options and expectations to find the best implant choice for you.

Can I do Both?

A breast augmentation and a breast lift can work very well in tandem with each other. Excess skin is removed in the lift, repositioning your breast tissue and nipple for a more youthful shape, while an implant then adds volume and size. The results of the two procedures can be dramatic on the right patient. Ask your doctor what your options are for a combined procedure.
In Lubbock, the leading plastic surgeon with extensive breast plastic surgery experience is Dr. Jane Rowley. She carefully and thoroughly talks with her patients to know their expectations and cosmetic goals as she makes an individual surgical plan for each person.  Schedule your no-obligation consultation today. Learn more at