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What are the Most Popular Plastic Surgeries in America?

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What are the Most Popular Plastic Surgeries in America?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), breast augmentation surgery was the most popular plastic surgery performed nationwide last year. And that’s no surprise since it was also the most popular the year before.

The top five most popular surgeries throughout the year of 2016 were:

  1. Breast augmentation: 290,467 procedures
  2. Liposuction: 235,237 procedures
  3. Nose reshaping: 223,018 procedures
  4. Eyelid surgeries 209,020 procedures
  5. Facelifts:131,106 procedures

Compared with 2015, the top four were the same; the fifth place spot in 2015, however, went to the tummy tuck, according to the ASPS. Lubbock plastic surgeon Dr. Jane Rowley offers all of these procedures. She performs each with exceptional skill and is the leading plastic surgeon in the Lubbock area.

Breast augmentations are just as popular among women in Lubbock as they are across the nation. Breast augmentations are intended to enlarge or change the shape of the breasts. Many patients are pleasantly surprised to find how quickly they recover from this procedure. Within days you are showering and returning to normal activities with your new look, with more confidence than ever. The materials used in breast augmentations are FDA-approved and incredibly safe.

If you are looking to increase your breast size, to either restore lost breast volume due to weight reduction or pregnancy or just looking to fill in your clothing more proportionately, visit Dr. Jane Rowley. She and her office staff provide excellent care and perform the best work. Make sure your body is in safe hands as you choose one of these popular procedures by giving Dr. Rowley’s office a call today for a no-obligation consultation!

What Are The Top 5 Tips for Recovering After Tummy Tuck?

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What Are The Top 5 Tips for Recovering After Tummy Tuck?

We put attention and preparation toward the weeks and days leading up to our plastic surgery procedure, but it’s just as important to think about and prepare for our recovery following the procedure. If you’re prepping for a tummy tuck, here’s a bit of advice from Dr. Rowley’s Lubbock office on how to have a successful recovery.

  • Follow your plastic surgeon’s advice.

We’ll say this one first because it’s the most important. The instructions you receive from your board certified surgeon about caring for your post-surgery body may feel generic, but it is critical that you follow them carefully. You may even receive specific advice in addition to the general instruction that will help you care for your body’s unique needs. Listen to your doctor.

  • Don’t do it alone.

If possible, arrange for a helping hand for a day or two following your tummy tuck. Our Lubbock staff provide top quality care before and during your surgery to ensure the procedure is successful, and support at home can help your after-surgery recovery succeed as well. Simple tasks like getting out of bed, showering, changing clothes, and managing your home and health will be much less stressful if you have help. Relying on someone else for help can allow you to remain comfortable and avoid straining yourself. Lots of rest and low-body strain is necessary during your recovery. Plan on taking off work for at least two weeks following the surgery.

  • Fuel your body with nutritious foods, and quit smoking.

A successful recovery relies on quality nutrition both before and after the surgery. Dark leafy greens, pineapple, and other foods rich in vitamin C can aid in recovery. Foods that might cause gas, such as cabbage and beans, should be avoided. Drinking lots of water is also important. And it is essential that patients quit smoking at least 4-6 weeks before their surgery and avoid smoking during recovery. If you have concerns about the need to quit smoking, you can call our Lubbock office to discuss this requirement.

  • Keep walking, but maybe you shouldn’t run.

It’s important to keep moving to avoid blood clots after surgery. Walking will also keep your body from becoming stiff and can help speed up the recovery of your swelling. But it’s important to find the right amount of movement that helps and doesn’t hurt your recovery. Heavy lifting or other strenuous activities can be very harmful to a recovering tummy tuck patient.

While these ideas are a good starting point for recovery advice, Dr. Jane Rowley and her caring staff in Lubbock have more than just this handful of tips to ensure your safe recovery. Choosing a qualified, skilled doctor like Dr. Jane Rowley and following that doctor’s instructions is the best thing you can do for your body. Give Dr. Rowley’s office a call today!

Transform Your Body and Your Summer Confidence with a Mommy Makeover

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Transform Your Body and Your Summer Confidence with a Mommy Makeover

Remember how exciting those Oprah makeover shows used to be? Women would start out looking tired and careworn, and then, voila! With a haircut and highlight, some new clothes, and professionally applied makeup; they looked like an entirely different person! Watching appearances transform is always fun, but what was even better was seeing the confidence that person gained from a new look. If you’re feeling careworn and burnt out, and a new haircut and coat of makeup won’t fix those feelings, then a mommy makeover might be just what you need to get back that confidence you used to have. A mommy makeover is a combining of plastic surgery procedures catered to help you get the physical appearance you want. Since every person’s body is unique, you should discuss all the different procedures you are considering with your board-certified plastic surgeon. Here are some things to ask about:

Breast Procedures

Though you might automatically assume that you’ll want breast implants, a lot of times a breast lift will give you the look you desire. Talk to your surgeon about the differences between breast implants and a breast lift. You may even want a breast reduction to get back to pre-pregnancy size. It’s a good idea make sure you are finished nursing all of your children before you have any type of breast surgery.

Tummy Procedures

The most common type of surgery for getting rid of that “baby bulge” is a tummy tuck, where excess skin is excised and then pulled tighter. Your surgeon will also tighten abdominal muscles that are stretched with pregnancy.

Love handle/Lower Body Procedures

Maybe your extra fat is located around your love handle/hips/buttocks area. Often women will get liposuction in tandem with a breast lift and tummy tuck to eliminate those fat pockets around the lower body area. Talk to your plastic surgeon about what kind of liposuction might be right for you.

Before your mommy makeover, you should understand what to expect when having multiple procedures at the same time. At Rowley Plastic Surgery in Lubbock, we know how important of having confidence in your physical appearance. Dr. Jane Rowley will thoroughly discuss your surgical options and make a personal plan for cosmetic goals. Schedule a no-obligation consultation.