Top Reasons to Getting a Facelift

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As we get older, time and gravity aren’t always kind to our skin of our faces and give us a tired, old appearance. Both men and women will start to notice less definition around their neck and chin areas. Your face can become more droopy and tired looking. Sometimes deep wrinkles will appear around our noses or mouths. Dr. Jane Rowley is an expert in the area of facelifts with the goal to help people in Lubbock have a more youthful look but maintain a natural appearance.


  • Improves the Appearance of Muscle Tone and Skin Elasticity

Over time, your skin and muscles lose their elasticity and tone. This sagging appearance can make you look and feel old and tired. Tightening the skin and the superficial muscle layer under the skin helps to restore a younger-looking appearance.


  • Improves Facial Wrinkles and Deep Creases Around Mouth and Nose

You have some non-surgical options intended to smooth out wrinkles on your face. But, some wrinkles are too deep and can only adequately be helped with a facelift. This procedure is the gold star treatment for deep creases and wrinkles that form because of muscle tone loss and saggy skin.


  • Improves Definition in Neck and Chin

The sagging in your face continues to your chin and neck. A facelift can also target your neck and chin giving your face a more sculpted look. Tightening the skin on your neck and taking away the excess fat in the area of your jowls provides you with a more defined neck and chin.

The overall appearance of your face, chin, and neck is lifted with better skin and muscle tone to give you a younger-looking appearance. When considering a facelift for the right reasons, you can have an improved self-image leading to greater confidence. You can expect the results of a facelift to last 5-10 years.
Dr. Rowley will extensively talk with her patients before any procedure whether you are looking to have a facelift, breast implants, or other treatment.. Her goal is to help you look younger naturally with any procedure you choose. Experience that difference you find with Dr. Rowley today. Visit her Lubbock clinic and schedule your no obligation consultation. Learn more at

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