Plastic Surgery FAQ


Plastic surgery offers many options to enhance your physical appearance, restore what time and the elements can take away, and to increase your confidence in how you look. Some procedures like otoplasty are less invasive than other options such as breast augmentation which requires a little more consideration and recovery time. The decision whether or not to have a surgical procedure requires good information and knowledge. The more a patient knows about a procedure and understands the expected outcome and recovery, the better the experience can be for that patient. The first key to having a good experience with plastic surgery if meeting with a board certified plastic surgeon and asking the questions that are critical to your improving your experience.


  • Is Plastic Surgery Safe? All surgery has risks. Always discuss with your doctor your medical history and specific risk factors of the procedure you are planning. For patients in good overall health and who follow their doctor’s instructions, plastic surgery doesn’t have any unique risks over other surgeries.
  • What Makes a “Good” Plastic Surgery Candidate? Your plastic surgery candidacy will depend on specific things associated with the procedure you are interested in. If you want a breast augmentation, you will need to discuss your body size, breast tissue, and breast skin with your doctor. With any plastic surgery, a patient should be in good health, not smoke, and carefully consult with his or her doctor.
  • Will My Insurance Cover the Costs? Most plastic surgery is considered elective surgery. Insurance doesn’t pay for procedures that do not have a medical need. Some plastic surgery like a breast reduction can have medical benefits that allow them to be covered. Check with your insurance policy to know what your payment options are.
  • What Factors Impact the Success of My Surgery? Each patient is an individual case for plastic surgery. So many factors play into the outcome of your procedure. Ask your doctor questions and don’t hesitate to thoroughly cover all aspects of your surgery. A key factor to a successful plastic surgery experience is starting with an experienced, board certified surgeon. The leading plastic surgeon in Lubbock is Dr. Jane Rowley.


With over 20 years experience, Dr. Rowley has the experience to restore your confidence in your appearance. She will spend the time needed for you to understand your plastic surgery options. Schedule your no-obligation consultation today to find all the answers to your plastic surgery questions.

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