More Women are now Considering Plastic Surgery

According to a survey from RealSelf, an information website with reviews on aesthetic procedures, one out of every five women in America is giving genuine thought to plastic surgery. Whether it is good or bad, our use of social media to publicize images of ourselves and our general selfie culture has greatly impacted the concerns of body image for millions of U.S. women and men. While a number of other factors most likely contribute to this rising interest in plastic surgery, most American women express dissatisfaction at one point or another with their appearance in either small or bigger ways. Whether or not you are already part of the twenty-one percent of women reflected in this statistic, plastic surgery could be the answer for your body image concerns with some added health benefits that comes with some plastic surgery procedures. Lubbock plastic surgery has options to help meet your needs.


The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reported that in the U.S. in 2005 there were 10.2 million cosmetic surgery procedures performed and in 2014 there were 15.6 million cosmetic procedures performed. The number one procedure being breast augmentation, including breast implant and breast reduction. If you are thinking about plastic surgery, Lubbock options of doctors rank high with Rowley Plastic Surgery.


The Top 5 Cosmetic Surgical Procedures in 2014 according to ASPS arelubbock plastic surgery otoplasty

  • Breast augmentation (286,000)
  • Nose reshaping (217,000)
  • Liposuction (211,000)
  • Eyelid surgery (207,000)
  • Facelift (128,000)


ASPS reports that breast augmentation has been the top cosmetic surgical procedure since 2006. And while women consider Lubbock plastic surgery far more often than men, the United States saw notable gains (up 14 percent) in male breast reduction procedures called gynecomastia.

Suffice it to say that numbers are going up for plastic surgery nationwide, and for good reason. Procedures are safe and effective. So if you’re considering Lubbock plastic surgery you are in good company!

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