Liposuction: What You Should Expect From Your Initial Consultation

Although liposuction should never be used as your weight loss tool, it is a great way to target areas of localized fat that never seem to go away with any amount of diet or exercise. Even if you are eating right and exercising daily, there are areas of your body that like to hang on to fatty tissue, and liposuction is a great option for getting rid of it. If you decide to have a liposuction procedure, then you should see a professional plastic surgeon for an initial consultation. So, what are some things you can expect from an initial consultation?


— Your surgeon may ask you to look in the mirror and point out to him/her what areas of your body you want to be improved.

— You may be photographed, including some 3D photos, so that your surgeon can get a closer look at those areas you want to be treated.

— It’s important that your skin has good elasticity and tone for liposuction to be effective. Your surgeon may evaluate your skin and measure it to determine if you are a good candidate. Patients are ideal for liposuction if they remain at the same weight, have persistent fat pockets but good skin elasticity.

— Weight will be discussed. Your surgeon will want to know what your current weight is, what your ideal weight is, and if your goals for weight loss are realistic. It’s possible that before your surgery your doctor will want you to begin a weight loss program.


Lubbock’s most trusted and knowledgeable plastic surgeon, Dr. Jane Rowley, gives all of her patients the option to have a no-obligation consultation, where they can discuss the problem areas of their bodies and whether or not they are a good candidate for liposuction. Often liposuction can be done in conjunction with other procedures, and this will also be discussed at your initial visit. Although liposuction removes fat cells, it is important to have healthy habits and keep your weight stable after surgery if you want the results to be permanent. Contact Rowley Plastic Surgery today to find out more

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