How Plastic Surgery can Thin the Arms

Hold your arm up and give an enthusiastic wave to your neighbor. Does that thought make you want to cringe? Saggy skin on your upper arms can be part of your genetics or a result of significant weight loss. When you have arms with what are commonly called “bat wings”, just waving to your neighbor can make you want to run and hide under a few more layers of clothing. Dr. Jane Rowley, the leading board-certified surgeon here in Lubbock has the skills, expertise, and bedside manner to which you can look to tone and sculpt your arms. After she thins and tightens and tucks, you may find yourself waving to both friends and strangers just to show off your arms.


Here are two paths that may help you reach these goals:



This approach does not remove any excess skin on the arm; it removes fat to trim and shape the arm. Because removing fat often leaves an excess of skin, pairing liposuction with brachioplasty may be necessary for more dramatic results. For those with very elastic skin, who only need a minimal reduction in size, liposuction alone may be sufficient. Consult with Dr. Rowley on the best pairing of procedures for you.



Brachio means arm, and plasty means to mold or to form. An arm lift removes both fat and extra skin around the arm upper.  Although it seems simple just to remove fat, brachioplasty includes a careful sculpting of the arm to ensure the taper in size from shoulder to wrist looks natural. Dr. Rowley truly has an artist’s touch to contour the arms.
Having sagging upper arms can make you feel self-conscious and make it hard to shop for clothes that fit you well. Whether you choose an arm lift or liposuction, you can call  Rowley Plastic Surgery to schedule your personal, no-obligation consultation here in Lubbock. And before you know it, you’ll be waving “good bye” to the sag and jiggle of today and “hello” to the toned, lean, and sculpted arms of tomorrow.

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