Eye Opening look at Eyelid Surgery

For people in Lubbock, plastic surgery thoughts don’t usually conjure up a picture of eyelid surgery. But just like many other cosmetic changes, blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, can help you look and feel younger.


What is it?

Eyelid surgery is often referred to as an “eyelid lift;” however, this term is not entirely accurate. A small incision allows for the removal of skin or the removal or addition of fat around the eye. This can be combined with a laser resurfacing of the eyelid skin which reduces existing lines and wrinkles. Small changes can have dramatic results around the eyelid.


How is it done?

The small incision is often made to the top of the eyelid where excess skin and fat are removed. The skin is then brought together with small stitches. This helps recreate the crease at the top of the lid. This procedure can also be performed with an incision at the bottom of the eyelid, just below the lash line, or on the inside of the eyelid. By placing the incision on the inside of the lid, called a transconjunctival approach, the incision is not visible after healing. This method allows for the removal or addition of fat to the eyelid without impacting the fold or look of the eyelid. For an understanding of which surgical approach would be best for you, come into Rowley Plastic Surgery in Lubbock; plastic surgery expert, Dr. Jane Rowley will give you a personal consultation with the information and counsel you need to make the best choice for you.


Why is it done?

An excess of skin or fat around the eye can make the eyelid heavy or puffy. This slightly extra visual weight around the eyes can age the look of your face and can even block the upper field of your vision.


The removal of skin and fat or the addition of fat can reshape the look of the eye. A tightening of the eyelid skin can correct sagginess. And both this contouring effort and tightening can be paired with the laser skin resurfacing to reduce wrinkles and smooth skin texture.


What is the recovery?

Unlike other more involved surgeries, blepharoplasty can have a relatively short recovery time. The day after the surgery you will typically experience some bruising and swelling around the eyes, but these will reduce quickly, particularly if you regularly apply cool compresses to the eyes during the first 48 hours. You should be able to resume normal activity after ten days and experience a full recovery after two weeks with the majority of the bruising and swelling gone by then.

Dr. Jane Rowley always carefully consults with her patients for the best surgical plan for them. Schedule your no-obligation consultation visit today and discover your cosmetic possibilities. rowleyplasticsurgery.com

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