A Breast Reduction Just In Time For Summer

If you are reading plastic surgery articles about getting ready for the summer season, the common subject might be about breast augmentation and potentially increasing your breast size before your beachfront vacation. Many women, however, find they have breasts that are too large and make swimming, active sports, and summer activities nearly impossible.


Benefits of a Breast Reduction


If you are struggling with the daily challenge of having breasts that are too large, consider the benefits a breast reduction offers.


  • Physical— Losing the excess weight of larger breast can reduce chronic back and neck pain. Some women with larger breasts suffer from sore shoulders from bra strap strains. The constant pull of the weight of larger breasts can affect your posture and ability to move adequately when exercising. Reducing breast tissue and excising excess skin will help reduce the occurrence of skin rashes under the breasts and give patients greater mobility
  • Emotional— When you feel like you are only being noticed because of your breast size or feel limited to the sports activities you can participate in, you can quickly feel self-conscious or limited with what you can be or do. Our physical appearances can have an effect on our emotional well-being.


Some of the happiest plastic surgery patients in Lubbock are breast reduction patients. It’s just a saying, but they understand what it means to have a weight lifted off the chest. Women who have breast reductions experience new opportunities with exercise and sports. They feel they stand taller with a restored self-confidence.

Before the summer season and swimsuit weather, you can consult with Dr. Jane Rowley and learn more about the benefits of breast reduction plastic surgery. Schedule your no-obligation consultation today.

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