A Breast Reduction can Help Your New Year’s Exercise Goals

People are making New Year’s resolutions intended for better health and quality of life. One of the top goals made at New Year’s time is to exercise more. If you drive by your local gym, you will see the parking lot full of cars indicating the good intentions of the people inside. For women with larger sized breast, increasing their exercise isn’t an easy goal to make. New styles of sports bras can make exercise easier for some women, but others will still struggle with vigorous activities with larger breast.


Impact of Sports


Your breast is made up of breast tissue and fat held in place by the skin and connective tissue called Cooper ligaments. These ligaments are not strong. When you have large breasts and then participate in activities that make the breast repeatedly bounce or move back and forth, you can develop what is called jogger’s breast. This injury can be painful and lead to permanent stretching of the Cooper ligaments that will make your breasts droop.


Benefits of a Breast Reduction


Even women with smaller breasts can develop jogger’s breasts. The best way to avoid this injury is to wear a sports bra that provides adequate support to your chest. When you have more breast tissue than a sports bra can support, you can consider the benefits of a breast reduction. Removing excess fat, breast tissue, and skin can lighten the load on your chest and allow you to move and exercise more freely.
According to Dr. Jane Rowley, some of the happiest plastic surgery patients in Lubbock are women who have breast reductions. A breast reduction can give you greater self-confidence, easy in moving, and more proportional body shape. Dr. Rowley is the leading board-certified plastic surgeon in Lubbock with over twenty years of experience. She takes whatever time is need to explain procedures and expected results with her patients so they can have the best possible plastic surgery experience.  Schedule your consultation visit today. rowleyplasticsurgery.com

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